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October 24, 2006 4:12 PM

Double Review: LaurEss Blushing Lights Blush (Toya and Melissa)

lauressblushlights4.jpgWhat They Say: “Blushes with a dash of sparkle and light, brighten the cheeks with subtle sheen and just the right amount of glimmer. Use mineral Blushing Lights to highlight cheeks with a gentle flush of color, or layer them for a more dramatic effect.”

Toya’s Take: I sampled this in Finesse – a golden peachy-pink and Euphoria, a rosy pink. Having heard that the important thing to remember about mineral make-up is “less is more”, I made an effort to pick up a small amount on my blush brush, swirl it around in the top of the jar to evenly distribute the powder and then tap off the excess before applying it to my cheeks. Still, in both cases, I hated the final look. Way, way too shimmery, even for me (and I love all things shimmery). I thought the blushes aged me quite a bit and a co-worker even said my make-up “looked heavier than usual.” Not good. However, I love both colors as an eyeshadow! For some reason, I like shimmer much more on my eyes as opposed to cheeks. They make great highlighters under your brow and on your tear duct and also work well as a layer underneath other, more traditional powder shadows.

Melissa's DeLush Downlow: Like Toya, I found that it's really quite hard to NOT feel like you've ended up with too much of this on no matter how hard you try. I sampled the blush in Perfect, "the perfect mix of beige and pink with gentle sparkles". Well, the color may have looked the right shade to me in the pot, but I felt like the tiniest bit made my cheeks look too shiny and irridescent, and it seemed like some of it traveled to other places where i definitely didn't want to be shiny. Once it was on, it was hard to blend in without just adding too much color and shimmer. I just felt like this was hard to control.

I also agree with Toya that this kind of sheen is best for the eyes, not the cheeks. While it's likely possible to use an EXTREMELY light hand to achieve a glow with this blush, I certainly didn't master the technique and felt like it wasn't worth the trouble.

Retail Price: $18.00 (at lauress.com)

DeLush Ratings: Toya
( if used as a shadow!)



Double Review: LaurEss Blushing Lights Blush (Toya and Melissa):

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