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October 18, 2006 12:18 PM

Review: LaurEss Gem Lights Shadows

lauressgemlights.jpgWhat They Say: "Mineral Gem Lights illuminate and enhance eyes. With colors that gently gleam to colors that sparkle like diamonds, you will find the perfect gem to define your beauty.
(colors reviewed)
Mallard – Deep emerald green
Opal – Creamy undertone with opalescent violet highlights
Mesmerize – Silvery lavender with prismatic flashes of green
Envious – Rich chocolate brown with a glistening green highlight"

Jamie’s Thoughts: Eye shadows are a big obstacle for me – I tend to stay safely within my tried and true line of neutrals and browns. I was both frightened and excited to test out these 4 gorgeous colors from LaurEss’ “Gem Lights” line of mineral-based shadows. Opal and Mallard are deeper, shimmery hues where as Mesmerize and Envious are downright sparkly.

I originally thought Opal would be a great all-over-the-lid neutral, but I was wrong. The purple undertone becomes really noticeable once you start spreading it around – the more you put on, the less it looks like a neutral. My pale skin was just too thin for this color…I suggest this for darker skin tones and olive complexions.

Envious, a sparkly-spangly-makes-me-want-to-do-a-jig-in-my-bathroom brown, is by far my favorite. (Shocker, I know, I am SO predictable) It went on smooth, application was easy, and the color was even almost immediately! This is definitely going into my everyday rotation. Added bonus: It’s not too sparkly for the office.

Mallard, a beyond gorgeous emerald green, looked the most intimidating. In the end, it turned out to be shimmery, smooth, and lovely – not nearly as frightening as it looked in the jar. It’s a bit drastic for my skin tone, but would look AMAZING on someone with darker skin and brown eyes.

I think Mesmerize surprised me the most by being a tasteful sparkler with icy blue tones. It would be great for a night out, but is far too glittery for everyday use. Where was this great shadow when I was in college, huh?!

(on the left: Mesmerize; right: Mallard)

As always, be careful when applying mineral shadows. They are sort of like Thanksgiving dinner – you can always go back for seconds. Don’t dump a big load of it on your eye at first, because 90% of that shadow will end up sitting on your cheekbone in big clumps. Also, the more sparkly shadows will impart some teeny shadow particles in/around your eye – eye rubbers and sensitive eyes, beware.

Retail Price: $13 (available at lauress.com or go here for more information about international orders, retail locations, and more)

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Review: LaurEss Gem Lights Shadows:

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