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October 24, 2006 4:50 PM

Review: LaurEss Silk Lights Blush

lauresssilkylights.jpgWhat They Say: "Ultra sheer and light as air, Silk Lights can be used anywhere you want to add some light. Brush onto cheeks to highlight, or layer over blush to adjust the color. Add a bit of sparkle to décolletage, eyes and lips."

Melissa's DeLush Downlow: I tested this in Whisper, a "sheer creamy apricot". Now THIS is a product I can get behind much more so than the Blushing Lights blush that Toya and I just reviewed. Much lighter in color, and geared toward highlighting, I find this to be a really pretty accent for the tops of cheekbones, upper eyelids, and more. Unlike the problem we had when the irridescent sheen was too much to use as a blush color, I find these lighter, slightly more subtle shades are much more fitting for highlighting. It can easily be too much if you're not careful, but used in moderation it's lovely.

There is still a bit of trouble getting used to keeping the powder where you want it (like not all over your bathroom counter), but if you are careful about using the brush to dab a tiny bit from the pot, then swishing it into the lid, it's manageable. I would also suggest sticking to the lighter shades.

Retail Price: $18.00 - or just $2 for a sample! (at lauress.com)

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Review: LaurEss Silk Lights Blush:

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